We build libraries for schools and communities in Ghana.

Graduate students also use the libraries we provide for the communities

We are a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada.  We believe that access to education is a fundamental human right.

It is said that “The more knowledge you attain, the better equipped you are to tackle any challenges you may face in life”. We also believe in the power of books to change lives; because literacy provides the highest return of any social investment.

Matthew Boah presenting lab equipment and books to the Headmaster of the high school
Matthew Boah presenting lab equipment and science books to the Headmaster (Principal) of a High School in Accra, (Ghana)

When children are educated, and become literate, their entire community benefits. They are all be able to attain the knowledge and tools to help them break the cycle of poverty that separates them from others for generations to come. It is our belief that the best way to empower such people is to provide them with literacy tools. With these tools, they can attain the knowledge, the strength and the self confidence to promote and protect their rights and their growth and also become self-sufficient.